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MENZEL Elektromotoren – News

DC-Motor for Gold mine

Menzel Elektromotoren manufactured for the hoisting application of an African gold mine according the specification developed together with the customer.

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Immediately from stock

Menzel Elektromotoren delivers a motor from stock for the fan of a German plant engineering company. The motor was adapted according to customer specifications regarding fixtures and position of the terminal box. Delivery was executed by air freight for service in Saudi Arabia.

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Explosion proof motor delivered Saturday

Menzel Elektromotoren modifies a motor from stock for use in zone II of a British customer.

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DC motors for steel mill

Menzel Elektromotoren manufactures direct current motors for a Polish steel mill according to customer specifications. All specifications were maintained.

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Squirrel cage motor directly from stock

Menzel Elektromotoren supplies a squirrel cage motor from stock to a customer in Benelux within 24 hours.

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Motor Generator Set for Test-field

Menzel Elektromotoren manufactured for a German customer a motor generator set for testfield application to customers specification. Motor and generator were available from stock and were mounted on a baseframe.

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Identical replacement for shredder drive

Menzel Elektromotoren supplied for a northern-European customer a slip-ring-motor as identical replacement for an existing drive. The supplied motor is driving a scrap shredder with highest mechnical requests. The shown motor is frame size 800 with shaft & feet dimensions as per customers request.

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Converterdrive for dregger

Menzel Elektromotoren manufactures for an Benelux dredging company a converter driven motor in special execution.

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Replacement of ABB slip ring motor

Menzel Elektromotoren supplied a kazakhstani customer with a slip-ring-motor as identical replacement for an existing ABB drive. The shown motor is frame size 630 with shaft & feet dimensions as per customers request.

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Noise-reduced motor for testfield

Menzel Elektromotoren supplied to a German pump-test-field a special Motor with 2 shaft ends. Through these shaft ends the motor can be used for both senses of rotation, even with noise-optimised interior fans for one sense of rotation.

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