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MENZEL Elektromotoren – News

Explosion proof motor delivered Saturday

Menzel Elektromotoren modifies a motor from stock for use in zone II of a British customer.

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DC motors for steel mill

Menzel Elektromotoren manufactures direct current motors for a Polish steel mill according to customer specifications. All specifications were maintained.

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Squirrel cage motor directly from stock

Menzel Elektromotoren supplies a squirrel cage motor from stock to a customer in Benelux within 24 hours.

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Motor Generator Set for Test-field

Menzel Elektromotoren manufactured for a German customer a motor generator set for testfield application to customers specification. Motor and generator were available from stock and were mounted on a baseframe.

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Identical replacement for shredder drive

Menzel Elektromotoren supplied for a northern-European customer a slip-ring-motor as identical replacement for an existing drive. The supplied motor is driving a scrap shredder with highest mechnical requests. The shown motor is frame size 800 with shaft & feet dimensions as per customers request.

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Converterdrive for dregger

Menzel Elektromotoren manufactures for an Benelux dredging company a converter driven motor in special execution.

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Replacement of ABB slip ring motor

Menzel Elektromotoren supplied a kazakhstani customer with a slip-ring-motor as identical replacement for an existing ABB drive. The shown motor is frame size 630 with shaft & feet dimensions as per customers request.

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Noise-reduced motor for testfield

Menzel Elektromotoren supplied to a German pump-test-field a special Motor with 2 shaft ends. Through these shaft ends the motor can be used for both senses of rotation, even with noise-optimised interior fans for one sense of rotation.

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Special converter drive

Menzel Elektromotoren manufactures for a central Asian cement factory a converter driven motor within 8 weeks.

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Explosionproof extruder drive within 7 days

Menzel Elektromotoren modified a motor from stock to drive an extruder in zone II in a Columbian rubber factory.

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